lorRen viamonte

L. Viamonte, a fourteenth generation native of New Mexico, draws the inspiration for her paintings from the simple charm of New Mexico's architecture and it's four season landscapes.  Although Southwestern landscapes are her primary subject matter, she also does a series of French garden landscapes every year after returning from France.

Working primarily in oils with a palette knife, her "impressionistic realism" style is vibrant in color and rich in texture.  Her flower gardens are the impressionistic side of her work.  Her work is always evolving.  The artist, who has a BA from the University of New Mexico, is mostly self taught, has studied with several Santa Fe artists in various workshops and is greatly influenced by the French Impressionists.  

She has participated in many art shows in New Mexico and received an award for oil painting on canvas at the Contemporary Spanish Market. Her paintings are found throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.